Siddharth Sharma


Foundation Studio

The Foundation Studio exercise basically aimed at developing skills and understanding.The exercises included Mapping CG Road,Gauging Cost,Measuring Comfort and analyzing data,Deciphering rules of Organization,Imaginative Drawing and writing and solving a Design problem.All the excises taught a different skill which at the end helped us to solve the design problem

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Design Problem

Mapping CG Road-The exercise aimed at mapping setbacks and hoardings and understanding their orientation in respect to the road.

Imaginative Drawing and writing-The exercise aimed at developing a strong concept and imagination to bring it on paper.

Gauging Cost-The exercise aimed at finding different type of costs involved making a complete object. It taught us how small thing constitute to a big piece and effect its making.

Measuring Comfort and analysing data-The exercise aimed at collecting data related to temperature, sound and light and present them meaningfully on a sheet.

Free Hand Drawing at Sarkhej Roza-This exercise aimed at making us understanding plans, elevations, sections and different motif design at the site.

Charting Adjacency-The exercise aimed at marking adjacencies. And changes that can be made to ease the movement of user flow.

Deciphering rules of Organization-The exercise aimed at teaching us all six different rules of organization and making us understand when and where to use them.


Folk Art-This exercise helped us understanding different folk arts and their importance. We also learned how a folk art conveys a story and learned how we can covert our idea to one of such beautiful folk art.