Isha Miteshbhai Shah


MAZORTAL - Partition Rack

The form development exercises like : 2D and 3D Radii Manipulation talks about manipulating mother forms and achieving a new form. While endforms is all about transition pathway of the 2D forms to get a 3D form. The final exercise is a Partition proposed- taking Memphis movement as inspiration and considering Gestalt to break monotony and generate excitement with surprise element. The partition apart from dividing the areas, acts as display rack, has seating devices and a projector screen. Mazortal-Maze+Portal with maze like patterns has entrance inside the partition which feels like a portal generating an element of surprise.

Report Content

Gestalt Principles, 2D Radii Manipulation, 3D Radii Manipulation and End Forms

Analysis & Interpretation Problem & Concept

Ideation and Development

Technical Drawings, Renders and scale model