Vrushti Parikh


Underlying Stories

The studio aimed at designing an exhibition through a system approach using the 965 theory of emotions, expressions and experiences. The brief is to curate exhibition for Studio Smitamoksh at Hurwitz gallery. After understanding their philosophy, materials that they use and motifs like cow, lotus, fish, banana leaf which they mostly use in their artwork - I associate their work with prayer and impressions of water waves on sand – like it resonates in one’s mind when one sees their artwork and leaves a very strong impression of it.. with its colour or being it intricate details combining threads and wood… together by evoking consciousness of people. My notion here is to make one feel peaceful and bring out the message that studio smitamoksh is all about… which I feel is – “The interaction of different natural elements coming together as in a whole composition makes one wonder and feel lost in its story of calmness.”

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Initial Exercises

Client Brief and Product analysis

Emotionboard, Understanding of emotions and Sequential order of whole storyboard

Drawings and Views




External Axonometric View

Storyboard - Illustrations of the curated exhibition