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A Market Insert

Connected and Directive: The design of the space is always connected with the context and is never cut off from the environment, the space is versatile and gives the users certain amount of freedom on how to interact with the space. In the times of this pandemic, social distancing is a very important so the shops and spaces are dispersed, the radial arrangement of the space with the strong axis was inspired from the ‘leaf’ which has a midribs and viens which spread through the space, will allow the users to take the whole space in with a quick glance but don’t necessarily need to come in close contact with any other user. The shops are designed in such a way that the buyers can enter through one side and exit through the opposite side. The shop module or the shade module is thru and thru which facilitates movement and does not restrict or cummilate users anywhere. The whole space is coherent and facilitates safe movement.

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Case study - Understanding Antoni Gaudi

Market Insert

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Market Insert - Drawings

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