Mayank Jindal



The interiors of Built spaces (domestic or work) today pose challenges to meet the needs of specific products to be designed. The products will meet the demands of lifestyle and technology changes. The objective was to focus on the design process to find solutions in different domains of work and home, learning of materials, manufacturing, human factors. the exploration and manipulation of materials and methods to express a visual response to a theme or content.  The project consists of PDS, PRIMA and working drawings as well as technical drawings of the existing products.

Report Content

adjustable book rack made from 150g stainless steel.

laptop stand as well as a case. volume 1000 centimeter cube

documentation box made up aluminum extrusions

umbrella stand

PDS of a kitchen

assembly, construction and technical drawing products in a space. space is a Pooja room.

Pooja room back

Pooja room front elevation

Interiors of pooja room

book rack that is a prototype.