Jayashre B G


Expeditions in Non-Metals

The studio explored various Non-Metals, like wood, plastics, ceramics, glass and miscellaneous materials.  Each material was researched and understood from various aspects like, manufacturing, properties, types, limitations, manufacturers, Standards, tools used and so on. Based on this various products of different materials were identified within a space context and detailed out. To understand the process better please view the additional work.

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Report Content

After understanding various properties of wood, A space was identified and explored through the various wooden products which could fit in. The space was understood through the types of products that could fit in.

A desktop lamp was designed and prototyped to understand the material better.

A space with plastic products were chosen and explored in the terms of products, this is an office space which as a variety of products made of plastic adding to its ambience.

a pendant lap is detailed out

A space with ceramic and glass products were chosen, this is an consulting room with a variety of ceramic and glass products adding on to its quality.

a wall mount mirror is detailed out

A final space was identified and developed, In this case it was a movie theatre and products for this particular space context with varying materiality were chosen to understand non-metals better.

Product specifications for a couple of products.

a glass door is detailed out

a abs plastic wall mount speaker holder is detailed out