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Samriddhi Arora


STILL IN MOTION- Traditional animation experience center

Methods of animation have evolved a lot, one-click can give life to a sketch but where did it all start from? what were the methods? how long did it take to create your favorite childhood movies? From flipbook and zoetrope to computer made long movies. This experience center is a space for creative heads where they can experience the traditional process of making their favorite cartoons and create one of their own. Visitors will get a hands-on experience on various methods and concepts creating a short animation of a maximum of 1 minute to experience the process. Basics of character development will form the base of the film, Rotoscoping to make the frames of the stop motion animation, Using live-action hybrid method visitors can become a part of their own film, traditional equipment like Multiplanar camera will be used to shoot the film and voice-over and special effects to add life to the characters, then the editing and finally watching the creations of the batch. FULL PROJECT

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