Mody Jeel Nilesh


Klay Play- Ceramic Art Experience Center

A ceramic art experience center is exploring the ceramics and getting the hands on experience on making the wares, through the process of making the clay to the last step of glazing and baking it. Why? ceramic art because it's is an declining culture and we can still preserve our roots. So the experience center helps is reviving the culture and while having fun in making them and exploring it. The concept of the center is based on the characteristics of clay which is mouldability and that has been captured through various partitions. link for working portfolio 

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Report Content

Concept of the center and site interpretation

Program of the center and how the spaces will come and what will be the nature of the space. Adjacency diagrams helped in spatial oraganisation of the space

Material Palette of the centre based on the earthy tone and also some conscious decision on selection of the material.

Layout and its process.

Layout and its process

Service drawings


Reception table design and its details

Storage design and its details

Rendered views