Ananya Bhardwaj


Creating Fictional Spaces

The semester started by looking through multiple pairs of eyes to change our perception and how differently we can view our world. Then creating an interior space based on an architectural narrative. Then the analysis of the chosen movie to understand the nuances of set designing and production. For the final assignment, five interiors and a poster were to be designed linked to a character in Mahabharata but recontextualized in the world of the previously chosen movie.

Report Content

Looking through the eyes of Lord Vishvarupa

The way Henri Matisse would see the CEPT library

An interior view designed in the context of the stort "Welcome to the 5th Facade" by olson Kundig

Isometric set analysis of the movie "The Maze Runner"

Poster for Drona re contextualized in the world of the Maze Runner

Early phase of Dronacharya's life were he suffered from extreme poverty and lived in a wooden house with minimum necessities

Parshuram's training center where he teaches Drona the art of warfare and weaponry

Dronacharya's gurukul where he taught the Kuru princes to fight in a maze

Drona's robotic eye vision which gives him great advantage in the maze

The Kuru palace where major Draupadi got disrobed, Shakuni played hi dice and Krishna showed his divine form