Aniruddha Nilosey


Creating Fictional Spaces

It all started with a little change of perspective; through the eyes of different animals, mythological beings, fictional characters and painters. Thereby, altering the way I perceived the world around me. Then came a script, a short architectural narrative, for which i had to create an interior scene. For the final project, initially I studied two movies of similar thematic grounds. Later,  I was supposed to re-contextualize the great epic of Mahabharat through the eyes of one of it's character into the world one of the two movies.

Report Content

Poster for Krishna, re-contextualized in the world of Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton.

Mayur Sabhagrah : The peacock court. The Royal courtroom of Krishna's palace at Dwarka.

Vrindavan Kaksh: Reminiscence of the adolescence.A private resting space for Krishna, this kaksh or room reflects his carefree days spent in the meadows; a place where his mind is truly at peace.

Adhyayan Shala: The Strategy Camp. The room where Krishna planned the Kurukshetra war, located at the Pandavas' camp.

Divya Snanagaar: Salvation from sins. Narakasura's Bathroom after Krishna washed his sins and bringing the heavens down as a tribute to the demon's last wish of ruling the holy place.

Prem Khandahar: Ruins of love. The ruins where Krishna used to meet Radha secretly, depicting the timelessness and everlasting nature of their love.

Study of Alice in Wonderland: Red Queen's courtroom.

"Museum of Post-Natural History" - Interior scene for Middle Earth: Dioramas for the Planet.

CEPT Library, from the eyes of S.H. Raza. Inspired from his painting, 'Prarthna'.

Through the eyes of a Giraffe, Vamana and James Sullivan.