Adarsh Roshni Ajitbhai


Diving Into the Spirit World

The studio was all about storytelling and the best way to get started with storytelling is to start with yourself. I began with a narrative of mine through a visual autobiography. Next, I illustrated the story of my peer through collage and postcards. To strengthen my style I studied artist Johannes Vermeer’s work. Each exercise was a stepping stone to the next one and it lead to the final project where we opened the Pandora box of animation and anime movies. The movie I analyzed was Spirited Away which helped me visualize spaces for the villain Lion. The final movie was Sher ka Swag which tells the story of the villain Lion. 

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Film Poster for Sher ka Swag inspired from Studio Ghibli movie Spirited Away. The poster focuses on Lion's sophistication and royalty and gives a glimpse of his royal palace.

Diwan-E-Aam: Lion planning a robbery with his men in his living room from where the outside courtyard is seen with a statue of tiger hunted by Lion and a spirit floating in the air far away.

Shayan Cave: Mona darling waiting for Lion on his lavish white canopy bed and Lion talking to the spirits coming from the fireplace. Little Black creatures called Susuwataris comes from the dark corners whenever the spirit enters the room.

Sabha Khand: Merchants and Lion meeting to discuss the robbery in his meeting room where demons are painted on the walls and from the glass facade behind the lion a spirit is coming.

Sher ki Gufa : Lion playing cards with his men and planning to kill the police officer who came in their way.

Interpreting Films: Cinematic spaces for studio Ghibli films Ponyo and Spirited Away. Image 1: Underwater house of Ponyo. Image 2: Yubaba's bathhouse for spirits

Imagining stories: Visualization of an Interiorscape from the blank space story The year without winter. The colours and patterns depict the hope inside the apartment but the city seen from the window looks dull to show the contrast that even in the state of emergency where the whole city is dead one can find happiness within himself.

Through their eyes: Interpretation of Cept FA stairs in Johannes Vermeer's style.

Four walls: Postcards for Karnavi inspired by work of graphic designer Lotta Nieminen and a Collage depicting Karnavi's love for nature and animals.

I am framed: Visual autobiography showing the journey of Roshan Adarsh and a cover for the book Just be happy which contains a story of father and daughter's bonding.

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