Srushti Kanheyalal Mehta


Ice and Fire

With the world in turmoil, where can we find new inspirations? Finding the answer to this began with my story, my memories. It further led on to a journey learning from experiences of my friend. From discovering creations and recreating styles of graphic designers and artists, Bringing out Kate Moross’s vivid use of colors to Philip Guston’s tragic sides to art. It opened the doors to imagining, from stories to movies, A dystopian world of Ghostly Presence came to life, And animation movies introduced stories of fictional worlds. Inspired from Frozen, I recreated the character of Simi (Andhadhun), In an ice cold world, she was ice and she was fire. Featuring layers of personalities, in contrast and belonging together, I rewrote the story as The Silver Blade. The story of a woman, a warrior, The story of Simi. 

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‘The Silver Blade’ Movie Poster recontextualizing Simi Sinha as a warrior in a royal setting inspired from Frozen by Jennifer Lee.

The ‘Ice Throne Room’ where Simi anticipates her plans to take over the throne of the Queen with moonlight reflecting off the ice in solitude.

The ‘Underground Secret Room’ is her escape from reality. Dark and subdued, it is Simi's peace and isolation.

‘Ruins and A Piano’ brings out the hidden character of Simi, a hideout opening into a central courtyard with ruins of the castle surrounding it and the old stone walls covered with a layer of ice with the warmth of the burning fire torches.

The ‘Hallway of Ice & Fire’, represents Simi in full bloom of her powers, with the red moon rising in the night sky and the blue ice flowers adorning the hallway.

The ‘End of the World’ is a cliff edge drawing analogy to the tower of Hercules that although was the end of the world, it was also the beginning to another new story.

The Ice Castle of Elsa recreated in a similar context highlighting the use of ice textures and forms. The analysis (storyboard) for the film ‘Frozen’.

Imagining a space of a home, a shelter in a slum based on the story ‘Ghostly Presence’ by Jiawei Liang & Wei Wu.

Reinterpreting the Cept architecture building through the perspective of artist Philip Guston.

Postcards and the collage depicting stories and spaces surrounding a friend, Yug Shah emulating the style of graphic designer Kate Moross.

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