Jasoda Bhansali



Learning motive of this semester was to create hand skill ability and focus of creativity. Technical Representative Drawing encourages to learn the basics and importance of each tool.How things work made me think about its working principle.Persepectives help to view any particular object or site from one or many angles.Contour Plan is mainly used to denote top surfaces.Colort Theory enhanced my knowledge in terms of different kinds and its uses, in particular.Dechipering Style deals with the thinking process, increases creativity.Sarkhej Roza -  A short brief about onsite work, details in plan. Summer Winter School - Collecting information for  partricular project.

Report Content

TRD- Worms Eye View

How Things Work

One Point Persepective

Two Point Persepective View

Counter Plan

Color Theory

Dichipering Style - Behind the door

Poster - Dichipering Style

Sarkhej Roza - Plan

Summer Winter School