Shachi Vijay More



This project aims to design fun and functional outdoor furniture for gated communities. The proposition is to design furniture which facilitates a movement that brings amusement or enjoyment to the user. It can be placed in gardens, lawns, private outdoor spaces. It will be suitable for teenagers and young adults. The intention of designing such furniture is to give a little relief from work and everyday activities, also to make people come out of their homes and spend time with the outside environment. The project aims to achieve a movement by means of geometry and structure that people could sit on and be comfortable in examples of materials and techniques, forms, and texture.The geometry used to achieve the structure of the chair is a hyperbolic paraboloid. Specific molds, jigs, and tools should be made for the mass manufacturing of the chair. The chair can be assembled on-site and it is easy to transport. 

Report Content

Assignment 1_Outdoor Product (Boat-Canoe)

Assignment 2_Outdoor Product (Breeze High Back Chair)

Design Approaches

50 Sketches

Design Brief and Initial Concepts


Exploded view

Manufacturing Process and Joinery

Rendered Images

Process Models and Scale Prototype (1:2)