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Butterfly - Home Office System

Work-from-home is much a reality these days due to the current pandemic situation. Many companies have moved to the work-from-home model to keep services uninterrupted during the lockdown. However, most of the homes are not designed to also function as offices, it leads to distraction and a dip in productivity of an individual. It is a struggle to divide work time and personal time. Many other factors such as noisy neighbors, indolent behavior of an individual, disturbance by family members can affect productivity. There is a need to create a home office space. 
 WHAT? A mass customized system catering to consumer’s need to create a personalized home office and storage within the comforts of ‘your own home’. The project aims to facilitate the optimization of space and organization of consumer supplies, documents, and inventory with a cost-effective solution. 
WHY? As most of the homes are not designed to also function as offices there is an opportunity to design a space that will consider individual’s preferences and facilitate work-from-home without distractions. There is a need for division of spaces and division of work time and personal time. 
WHERE? Home interior spaces.

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Book Shelf

Cube Jewellery Box

Shell Chair

Home Office- User Study

Research and Concept

Shelving Unit A

Shelving Unit B

Shelving Unit B



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