Parag Haibatrao Patil


Revolving through expressions

“ REVOLVING THROUGH EXPRESSIONS…..” Minimalism in design is the way to express the idea of less use and more functionality. As the world is growing in technology and economy, the population is also increasing. which is changing the image of world. Growth in population also increases the demand of resources to live the life. But dilemma is on the other hand resources are decreasing and demand is increasing. So in history also it evolves according to era to achieve more optimize designs. Comparing it in interior design there is always a chance in technology and materials and in ways to use them. So as an interior designer adapting all this dilemmas we should look forward to design more optimal design and more functional designs. So here design tries to touch the thin line between materiality and technology can optimize the interior design. By going into the core of the properties of materials. And will try to reduce the excess use of it and adding technology to make the product more functional and optimal. Production process of project will take you to analysis the minimalism and can prove its necessity for the era. Orienting the design to overview the major aspect of spaces. With taking the primary function of the space into the consideration. To achieve the various ways to optimise production process design will mostly focus on. Expression of the space. As one enters into any interior space , it has power to express itself, and prove the presence. Taking this as the key aspect of the design. I will orient the expressions as volume, light, focus, inside to outside connection, direction, ambiance. Through the design process. Were volume of the space will speak about its presence. Dominance about the historical aspect of the space. It will be lighted and designed in a way to emphasis it. Orienting components of the interior to create avenue and focus for the voids. Some spaces will connect one to the outside of the structure And take it inside. Circulation spaces as it has its functional importance in interior design. This spaces are always tents to be left out, so design will also provoke its importance ambiance inside space can be functional and controlled according to the expression of space. 

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