Trivedi Priti Deepakbhai


Shower Panel Redesign

 Redesigning premium shower panel that delivers profound user experience  considering  safety,  ergonomics and comfort of user by providing shower head with three different kinds of water flow and digital shower control that remembers your previous  shower water setting and  gives you desirable water temperature and is easy to understand, install and operate enhancing  overall  user experience.

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Report Content

1 Problem Identification | Analysis | Problem Statement | Design Brief | Case Study | Shower Standard Dimensions

2. Survey | User Persona | Design Ideation sketches | Process Models

3. Design Details | CMF | Component Details | Parallel Product Study

4. Inspiration Boards | Mood Boards | User Experience

5. Brochure | Cover Page

6. Product Appearance

7. Product Features | CMF

8. Exploded View | Design Specifications

9. Product Specifications

10. Digital Shower Control Features | Installation Process

Project Video