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There  is need of community development. And to  achieve that goal,   every community needs an administration to rule for betterment of community in every aspect; socially, politically, economically, geographically, physically as well as mentally. For such administration, public need space to plan , to work and to execute that is an office. To work, right office space is essential because anyway you ultimately will need to stick with this space till your lease is up. There has to be at least some space to enter the working area also some space for Pune and cleaning staff to sit. Reception is an essential part of office and a Centre for initial  contacts so it has to be set up in an area within space where everyone can access information, but one receptionist can't provide information to so many people at a one time so there should be waiting area in an area in centre where public can wait for their turn.Employees need space to work on their tables and can easily access to prints and mail and can reach to cabins of Head and Sub head of department. There is a store room where office staff can store their previous work also a meeting room where ample of space is needed. The journey of planning space within object was very exploring.

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