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Ruchi Bhardwaj


AUDACE : A Corporate Office for Working Mothers

Conventionally, "threshold" suggests organisation, movement, and access from one space to the other, like in the case of a door or a window in architecture. But can ornamentation play a similar role and move beyond mere superficial qualities? This project revolves around the idea of spatializing thresholds and ornamentation in tandem, suggesting movement and organisation. Simultaneously, the project also considers convertible spaces that can be transformed according to the user's need.

Report Content

Photo Narrative

Hybrid Objects

Hybrid Collage

Exploring Ornamentation and Threshold

Site Introduction

Plan and Sectional Model of Working Module and Accomodation

Interior View of Working Module and Patterns on the Facade

Series of plans showing the movement of furniture elements throughout the day in the collaborative warehouse

Views of Transformable Staircase

Some other rendered views

Project Video