Mansuri Khadija Ilyas


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The project revolves around the question of how to create new spatial organizations by suspending spaces in between grid structures. This is done through the intersection of lines, surfaces and volumes which is a pre-existing condition on site. The space caters to the needs of web and UI/UX designers. The grids are spatialized through a free-flowing parasol that permeates throughout the site, making pockets for individual workstations and group discussions. The positioning of the parasol with respect to the existing forms on site also helps blur the line between temporary workspaces and permanent workspaces. The projects also attempts to color code layers of the project for quick visual accessibility.    

Report Content

Photo narrative of the workplace

Introduction to hybrids and hybrid collages. By using some more objects from and around the workplace, new and unfamiliar objects are made using the collage technique. When one would look at these new objects, they are familiar in parts, but when they are combined together, they lose their identity and become a completely new object.

Site Analysis

Research and program detailing

The concept drawing summing up all the keywords together, to give hints to add such qualities in the spaces. The parasol highlighted to show how it interacts with the grid structure and the planes.

Diagram showing layers which are included in the project.

The section showing the interaction of the parasol with the grid structure and the office spaces. The plan showing the pocket spaces made by the parasol and also the permanent and temporary offices.

views of the work spaces.

Views of the permanent offices.

Concept renders and layers of the office.

Project Video