Jahnavi Suthar


PolKatha - Life between buildings

Design Intent: Redesigning the streets of the old city in order to give a better life to the residents. Role: Street Designer  
Challenges and issues were identified on the streets of pol.  Based on research and study, design proposals were made that leaned towards the betterment of life on pol streets. The studio involved detailed research of the subject matter and focused on design drawings and visuals. 
For detailed and revised portfolio click on the link below:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1f9QUFPvcwr5a31G54PUGH0lq1B0LTbbc?usp=sharing

Report Content

observations during pandemic and deriving concern based upon it.

area for design intervention and argument.

site | collage | and identification of zones for design intervention.

schematic plans for each type of street.

existing plan of primary street | khancho

proposed plan of primary street | khancho

proposed street view | khancho 01

proposed street view | khancho 02

character drawing for secondary street | chowk

existing section of secondary street | chowk