Jasoda Bhansali


Street Food Market

Street Food Market -Open food market will enhance eating activity in semi-open spaces. Creating public realm areas which gives semi-open nature to food market. To enhance food activity outside, it is important to maintain transparency. Hence, designing in which people can see how the things are being cooked and that can also be protected. Creating a high raised partition for kiosk to ensure transparency on the side of eating and then enclosing it with frameless glass. As a safety designer, storing food in enclosed space and dividing the space into dry and cold space, maintaining less carbon footprint in those areas and using proper hygiene measures to ensure storage safety. Creating an interactive space in the pandemic situation is a need of the time. But maintaining physical distance is also important. Designing inclusive zone as an interactive space for sensorial activities having water furniture (water fountain), open to sky space and entertainment activities like movies. Including movable partitions that enable to create an interactive space for site furniture and people to move around. Food culture, now-a-days is not restricted to home cooked food but also food cooked outside and then delivered to home. Takeaway areas designed in an open space will require to ensure safety and hygiene in terms of movement. 

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Narrative Drawing

Collage denoting Malegaon city, its history and its present.

Character Drawing

Master Plan

Site Plan

Elevation BB'

Car Parking Entrance, Safety Elements

Entrance of Street food market

Kiosk Exploded View

Kiosk Interior View