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Parag Haibatrao Patil


Apartment Design-Start up Living & URBURAL- Co living

1. Start Up LivingThe project “Start up Living” was to design an empty apartment with the idea of converting a shelter to home in the district of ROT , Stuttgart , Germany.The brief aimed at producing a budget friendly design with DIY furnitures and interiors. The project revolves around connecting inside and outside with the concept of tape art. How the Colors add to the eye movemnt in the space .All interior was based on minimalist approach and design ideashttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd9zZd98Eo4
2. UrburalThe project aimed at creating a post COVID self sustained community with help of each other in the locality. With the research and survey by introgating the neighbours we had come with the solution of introducing the rural atmosphere in the urban context by making people to interact , share and sustain. “Incorporating rural aspects into urban space.” The Design intended to focus on producing the basic needs amongst the ROT Community and can be replicated anywhere within the common grounds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vDyC8hxZn0  

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Apartment Design

Apartment Design

Apartment Design

URBURAL _ Co-living - Design Outline

URBURAL _ Co-living - Design Ideology

URBURAL _ Co-living - Design Concept

URBURAL _ Co-living - Design Visualizations

URBURAL _ Co-living - Exhibition