Isha Miteshbhai Shah



Trionfold - Trio+Unfold is a temporary semi-open structure, that is constructed of repetitive modules, consisting of a triangle attached to other three triangles on it’s all three sides through linear members. The module is derived from an archimedean solid - 'Truncated cube' consisting of three octagons attached to a triangle. The structure is such that it can be unfolded into a four times larger scale semi-open vault like structure from cuboidal form, due to the flexible vertices of the module. It can be installed at any suitable context requiring minimum amount of resources in terms of labour and time. 

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Transformational Puzzles through rotation

Transformational Puzzles through clipping

Transformational Puzzles through subtraction

Transformational Puzzles through addition

Transformational Puzzles through folding

Module making and Exploring attributes of Module & System

Design & Function through physical models

Scenario, Element, Context, User and Concept

Orthographic views, Exploded view and details

Assembly/Manual and costing