Uttara Gupta


Chahel-Pahel : Library of Srinagar

The Library of Srinagar, as a cultural institution, is meant to revive and promote the folk theatre of Kashmir valley known as Bhand Pather, by allowing its performances to become ‘books’ that are referred to. The project is a reimagined library where powerful sensory tools of storytelling, music, drama are used as the primary mode of gaining information. The library is a ray of hope for the people of Kashmir, that enlivens their routine from the mundane harsh reality of political and social misconducts in the region. It aims to bring people together and build a sense of community with an enjoyable, convivial atmosphere. As a design process, the project investigates the possibility of designing a space from the inside out, where interior elements dictate the development of the exterior shell. 

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Program of the Library

Process: Case Study

Process: Artform

Process: Cataloguing

Process: Abstraction

Process: Site study

Drawings: Plans

Drawings: Sections

Drawings: Elevation

Drawings: Isometric view