Akshat Dharmesh Shah


Experiencing Knowledge: Anubhuti Gyanalay

The library's aim is to provide information about Mysore and other Karnataka regions through the medium of Yakshagana. It is a regional folk theatre that incorporates dance, storytelling, dialogue delivery, and music. Mysore was chosen to host the library because it is a place to explore Karnataka's folk culture, and its location as an evolving IT hub will help increase interest in and access to the city's rich cultural heritage.
The studio aims to reimagine a library where sensory tools are main source of obtaining knowledge. The concept was to revitalise and encourage regional art forms by encouraging them to become books. The design approach was from Inside out, where the development of the outer cover is determined by interior elements. 

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Report Content

City and Art form: Yakshagana

Case Study: (NCPA) National Centre for the Performing Arts

Concept and Form Evolution

Grid Exploration

Volumetric Exploration and Site Study

Development of the First Space

Project Brief and Intermediate Movement

Ground and First Floor Plan


Elevations, Exploded and Isometric