Srushti Kanheyalal Mehta


Prahelika Library

The library of the artform of cinema in Kolkata aims to establish a space that provides a source for people to gain knowledge and relive stories of the region through films.  An innate quality that drives humans to desire to learn more, ie, curiosity was the underlying concept that established intriguing users within the space, resembling a movie plot. Growing inside out, the essence of individual spaces evolved from elements such as the furniture, openings, lights and the unified experience. Ambient settings and gradual transitions between enclosed and open spaces to watch, interact and learn resonated with the users & movies. 

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Report Content

Poster : Depicting the city of Kolkata and the artform of cinema that is the source of knowledge in the library. Site Analysis : Located in a lush green environment, the close vicinity of cultural centers to the site harbors the opportunity to appreciate the legacy of regional cinema.

Space Requirements & Adjacency Diagram : The spatial requirements of each individual space helped derive the adjacency diagram considering the functional uses. Artform Study : The dimensional study associated with movies and Kolkata allows clearer understanding of the spatial requirements.

Concepts of Curiosity & Grid : An interplay of two parallel concepts that formed the base for the spatial design of the library and the character of individual spaces.

Library Space 1 Private Movie Watching : The process of developing an individual space inside - out is represented with use of the grid, layouts & forms.

Movement Diagram : The movement plan represents the way multiple individual spaces came together considering the concept, user experience and functionality of the same.

Prahelika Library : Floor Plan and Sections / Elevation

Prahelika Library Isometric Drawing : Representing the overall user experience and interaction with the library spaces.

Prahelika Library Site Plan : Representing the site placement and surrounding context of the same. Floor Plan Overlay on Grid : Representation of the use of the grid to derive the forms of the furniture elements, layouts and forms of spaces.

Perspective Character Sketches I : Depict the quality of light and interaction of elements within the interior of spaces.

Perspective Character Sketches II : Depict the quality of light and interaction of elements within the interior of spaces.