Pavni Porwal


Thandiyan Chhava- A Storytelling Library

The library, ' Thandiyan Chhawa' aims to spread knowledge and awareness among the people of Chandigarh about the city's history and its value through the medium of Qissa telling, a traditional art form of storytelling prevalent in Punjab. Located right in the middle of Chandigarh( Sector 16), the library is approachable to all. Each space would have a dedicated Kathakar( the storyteller) who will be narrating stories to one or many people at the same time. This interaction has played a significant role in determining the essence and the requirement for each space. The design intends on exploring the concept of ‘As above, so below’, which has been done by achieving a balance between the built and the unbuilt, the quality of light, the silence and the noise. Full portfolio

Report Content

Aim and intent of the Library

Adjacency Diagram and Spaces

Program Scheduling and Abstract Models

Case Studies

Grid Explorations and Design Development

Developing the first space

Ground floor plan

First floor plan