Aniruddha Nilosey


The Amoeba Studio

The Amoeba Studio is an unconventional form of library, that deals with, and uses Nukkad Natak, a form of street theatre as the medium to spread knowledge. Nukkad Natak is an old, yet unrecognized artform. The library also acts as a medium to promote and revive this impactful artform. The design approach follows an 'Inside out' approach, with the interiors giving the exterior shell its form. Located in Mumbai, the city that rightfully gave this artform it's establishment, in a context unbiasedly access by each class of society, the Juhu beach. Let's look into the journey of this unconventional library.

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Report Content

Introduction of the artform, Nukkad Natak.

Case Study: Bharat Bhavan.

Project Brief.


Grid and Spatial Explorations.

Site analysis and Material selection.

Developing the first space.



Isometric View.