Tanmayi Deshmukh



Site: Sun one, Ahmedabad Shop: The Bitter Sweet café Bitter Sweet is a place with a Café as well as a retail shop that sells Art supplies like various mediums, handmade sketchbooks, scarfs, sculptures etc. It caters around 40-50 people at a time. The site is a corner shop located at a crossroad with two sides of its façade facing a road. The shop’s entry is on the side which is facing a 12 meter road. The whole façade of the site is a glass façade. It is divided into five bays which includes mixture of retail and dining area, the first bay has only shelves to display the products, while the other four have seating in the middle and display shelves on the edges. The display shelves act as a partition between the bays. The seating around the wall is an Indian seating which is along the side from where one enters. The shop also has second hand art supplies and sample products which the customer can try and use themselves. One can come and use the supplies without the compulsion of buying them. They can sketch or paint while the café caters them. The customers can also sell their artwork if they want to, which will be displayed in the shop itself. The program of the design caters to every age group. A place where interaction happens between the crowd as well as the users and the art supplies, while they also look forward to coming back to try new supplies, be social.

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layout for the café

rendered section

rendered section

rendered section

display system for the retail area

adjustable banquet seating for the café area

view 1 of the space

view 2

view 3

banquet seating 1:5 model