Mody Jeel Nilesh


Little Feats

The site is located in Ahmedabad and its adjacent to the main roads. The design of the school is based on the two words freedom with discipline and curiosity from the aim. The school aims at providing education to both privileged and underprivileged children. The concept of the school is to create an environment which welcomes both the diverse communities by giving them equal opportunity. The design idea comes the pedagogy only to give an extension to the ground which becomes a central line dividing studying and playing while merging them both. For the full portfolio click here.

Report Content

The poster shows different activities in different cubes and all cubes comes together a create a bigger picture of all the learnings which happen in school. The student can chose whichever activity they want and when they pass out they form a solved rubik cube.

The exercise was to design pedagogy for the school and on that basis we had to design the school and pedagogy was the base for every intervention done at the design level. Before this exercise we studied pedagogy like reggio emilia, constructive, forest and social pedagogies which are based on child centred learning.The pedagogy also includes the spatial importance and the what the roles of the student and the teacher which also helped in designing the interiors of the classroom.

The case study was done on the Slate School will follows the similar pedagogy to what is design and it wants to change the landscape of learning. The main important learnings from this case study was how the each classroom were given a sense of individuality and each classroom is connected to the outside which I latter implimented in design of the school.

Abstract model exploration on the word freedom with discipline, curiosity and explore

Site Analysis


Overall Plan

Classroom Isometric


Isometric View of the school