Siddharth Sharma


The Traverse School

Aim of the School- 
 To Provide a safe space for the students where they are not judged hence they can learn with the ease and pace they want with no pressure on there head. This will lead them to make informed choices like managing there time with an ephatatic approch .
They Also learn while experiancing it through activities they enjoy. Aim is to get it right for every child and to provide a caring environment in which all children feel safe,healthy,active,respected and responsible, included and nurtured.
 School aims stress on:1.Continuity and progression  2.Balance 3.Recognition of the individual keeping in mind others around you 4.Variety of experiences, skills, attitudes, concepts and knowledge to fully develop each child’s potential

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Poster on our dream school The school is a place where one does not feel restricted but can just explore and learn with their own pace.

Logo of the school

A Typical Day at school

Exploratory Models in terms of form

Ground Floor Plan

Sectional Elevation of Classroom

Classroom Plan


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