Patel Rutu Miteshbhai


Bucky Stool

Semester focused on giving out a basic understanding of materials its properties, structure as well as stability by working on different exercises of understanding natural habitats, measure drawing of existing furniture etc . At the end, studio intended to understand an architect's works, ideology and philosophy. Further understanding its structural principles, components, geometry and material, proposing a stool design inspired from respective architect's works. Inculcating materials, structure and stability, joinery details, and making prototype to understand its scale, proportions and its working. 

Report Content

Objectory and Factory

Natural Habitiat

Material optimisation and measure drawing

Architect's work

Concept and process models/sketches

Concept and process models/sketches

Stool orthographics

Stool orthographics and isometrics

Details and exploded view

Prototype images