Rashmil Rajagopalan Rajitha


CHASSIS 22.5°- Cantilever Stool

The pedagogy for the studio focuses on understanding furniture design based on the parameters of Structure, Materials, Details, Geometry, Ergonomics and Proportion at a human (user) scale. 
The preceding exercises of Objectory, Factory, Nature and Structure, Optimization of Materials, Measure Drawings concocts our skills on the basis of the aforementioned parameters to have a more holistic approach to the RE-DESIGN PROCESS. 
Using this methodology, Santiago Calatrava’s designed Stadelhofen Railway Station is studied and analyzed to arrive on a DESIGN PRINCIPLE which leads to the design of CHASSIS 22.5°- Cantilever Stool 

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Report Content

Objectory and Factory

Nature and Structure

Optimization of Material and Measure Drawing

Study of Architect's Work

Process - Sketches and Models

Process - Sketches and Models

Stool - Orthographic Drawings

Stool - Components and Details

Stool - Components and Details

Stool - Prototype and 1:5 Scale Model

Project Video