Jasoda Bhansali


Soodshastra - Art of Cooking

 Experiencing the art of cooking Sagrahaka, Utpan, Paak, and Zayka, these four divisions of exhibition invite to visit and be a part of its environment. Holding the essence of the cooking process which starts from mentioned divisions which are articulated in the form of storage, making and further is carried on with cooking and dining. When it comes to Indian kitchen, earlier, cooking and dining had space in common, hence the design has both these divisions linearly arranged. Columns in Lakshmi Chowk and the columns installed for the exhibition has a common profile of ornamentation. Arrangement of Corian panels allows people to discover curation as well as Lakshmi Chowk. The exhibition comes to closure with a welcoming taste of Rajasthani cuisine. As the Bajots are arranged for food in the central pavilion Lakshmi Chowk add an experience of royalty and hospitality to the exhibition.

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