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Siddharth Sharma


Sparsh From materiality to the center of making

Rajasthan, a place with great cultural heritage is also a home to a diverse collection of vernacular furniture which are diverse in terms of usage of material used for making them. The theme of this curated exhibition is to perceive furniture beyond a piece of utility. By realising the beauty that lies in the process of making, it’s time to look at the diverse use of material involved in the making of furniture. The exhibition takes you through the journey of material and process by a series of micro-environment displaying material property.one witnesses a series of Patlas, Bajots,Sinhas ,Majjus and other daily life objects used by the people of Rajasthan. One also gets to interact through holograms and gets a hands-on experience of doing things. The exhibitions is here to shape your opinion on furniture and the way you look at it by making you aware of all small parts and processes that constitute to making of a single piece of furniture join us in this indulging journey and experience. 

Report Content

Object Study Object Biography: a story of an object

Object Biography: a story of an object

Visual-spatial Narrative - Learning from Museums The learnings from the museums will have to be translated into a tangible output in form of a visual narrative. The intention of this is to express your understanding of the space, exhibition curation, exhibits and the spatial parameters in form of sequential illustrations telling a story.

Udaipur City Palace (Lakshmi Chowk)-The idea of the site visit is not only to understand the site but also to experience and interpret the experience (or series of experiences) and represent them in form of diagrams and narrative text.

Udaipur City Palace (Lakshmi Chowk)

Udaipur City Palace (Lakshmi Chowk)

Udaipur City Palace (Lakshmi Chowk)

Key Plan

Curatorial Sequence-The curatorial narrative is a sequence of the exhibits organised sequentially to tell a specific story or content related to your theme. The sequence will inform the visitors about the objects/exhibits and the large information about each (through micro-environments).

Final Sheet