Chinmayee Parikh


A journey led by stories

The journey of this studio is led by different stories. Divided into 5 chapters, each exploring different disciplinarians of design. Such as  Story book & Graphic novel design, Board Game Design, Ethnography study - Research and developement, Cartography leading to creating Narrative maps and involving Indian crafts and using them in a contemporary form. The studio overall has revolved and taught me to translate stories to narratives, re-imagining it and representing it through visual narratives. 
Chapter5- Novel- Detailed portfolio at 
Portfolio (2017-2019)

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After a sessions of interrogation with my collegue Nikita nath, The story book is based on her experiences during her school days at the hostel in Valley. The illustrations are inspired from Quentin blakes work. Exaggerated and focusing on the elements than the contexts of the spaces.

This exercise was based on understanding a Traditional Narrative Craft form and using it to visually narrate it. The narrative tells a story of my previous studio about designing a chair. The context here is the SID building. I have used elements like the banana trees, peacocks, replaced cows with the dogs according to the context. I have added a layer in the illustration just like the pichwai paintings by showing the season and the atmosphere of the studio as the context.

Gundiyali is a small village located 7.5 kms away from Mandvi, on the coastal region of Kutch, Gujarat. Gundyali is more than 450 years old and has various communities living together. It is famous for its Kumbhar Fadyu which has more than 70 kumbhar families who makes products like matlas, plates, Gullakhs and contemporary products. Their homes are multi-functional spaces also used for matti-kaam.

Family map

Contextual map of Gundiyali village

Board game design involved designing a board game with purpose of educating players about the kumbhars of Gundyali. It involved making all the Components of the game, Rule book, poster and packaging. ‘VEHPAR’ is a business based board game inspired by Monopoly. The context of this game is Gundyali. Overall the game focuses on the educating players with the process of making clay products along with the thrill of doing a business.

All the components for playing a game

The final exercise emphasized on designing a graphic novel evolving on the context of gundiyali such that it was narrated by an object or a product from there. This graphic novel is based upon a journey of one of the five elements of the living- earth, viz. matti. The journey is elaborated in stages bifurcating to different chapters. The journey starts from Matti being identified by Suleman bhai to setting back to where it belonged.

A few pages from the Graphic novel

A few pages from the Graphic novel