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Crafting Narrative

Crafting narrative is an insight into the world of narrating stories. The studio was divided into 5 chapters and each chapter involved exploring and reimagining the vernacular by creating and representing it into different forms of narration. The studio focuses on the storytelling and engaging people through narratives. The main thing I learned from the studio was to ideate and imagine the story and translating into the narrative and then representing it through visuals. 
Graphic Novel-

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This exercise was the first step towards making and listening stories. Each individual had to interview a fellow studio mate and try and gather as much information as possible and later narrate one such story of them by making a story book. The process was taken through interviewing by asking how? when? why? what? For data collection, then depicting their personality and then forming a story through to connect the dots.

This exercise was based learning crafts as another medium of narrating stories. Indian Crafts not only has a wide range but each craft form has its unique style and making. The final outcome of the exercise was to narrate ones journey of previous semester using any one craft form. The first step was research about that particular craft and then emulating one of the painting in order to understand them better. The next step involved making a timeline for last semester which becomes a base for th

Gundiyali is a village situated 7.5 kms away from Mandavi, Kutch and known for his matlas. The visit to Gundiyali happened before the pandemic and getting to know more about it. There 160 families residing in Gundiyali with communities like the Kumbhar, Sumerahs, Vagri and many other.... Kumbhar are the largest Muslim community residing there in Kumbhar Fadiyu. When you enter Gundiyali one will feel utter silence but its full of life everybody is working to produce various products like gullaks,

The exercise mainly focuses on channelizing the data collected on the field and trying to portray each narrative through Maps. Narratives at Contextual as well as family level have been Mapped.Dusk- Dawn is the narrative map of the family of Salim Ismail Daud Kumbhar which lives in the village of Gundiyali and it showcases their routine from morning to evening and the usage of spaces changes as the time changes and also shows the optimal use of space and time.

The exercise mainly focuses on channelizing the data collected on the field and trying to portray each narrative through Maps. Narratives at Contextual as well as family level have been Mapped. Najariyo meaning outlook, this narrative map is based on the observation and the stories of the people of the village called Gundiyali which resides near Mandvi, Kutch. The map is drawn through a perspective of stories in a pahadi miniature which gives the flexibility of moving from 2 dimensionality to 3

The idea of designing games was to try and engage people in the narratives and interact with the information rather than starring at the data. TRAVERSE GUNDIYALI is a game which is played through hexagonal cards which acts as cubes and have to build your own Gundiyali through these cards. The board and the cards are built upon the idea of isometric grid. The board somewhere restricts the player to move in certain direction and cards are narratives which showcases ‘what Gundiyali is’ and supporti

Components of the game

The key idea of the exercise is to narrate the stories and narratives of Gundiyali by characterizing the still life. JOURNEY OF MATLAS is a graphic novel based on the story of matlas which are made of matti which acts as a joining element. The matti is being separated into three different families of Gundiyali and goes through a crazy adventurous journey and ended up at the gates of Gundiyali showing life is a full circle.

Glimpses from the graphic novel

Glimpses from the graphic novel