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The studio Reimagining the vernacular. focused on Narratives, or how a craft can be framed in forms of narratives, bringing it more into the limelight. It is in order of --What's a narrativeSTORYBOOK -
-Framing your own narrative-Framing the narratives of the craftsmen of Gundiyali -Shaping the narratives of Gundiyali into a board game-Representing their or a clay product's narratives through a Graphic NOVEL-

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EX.1 – What’s your STORY? It enhanced my understanding of colour, communication skills and illustrating skills. Where I did an ethnographic research on my studio mate - Chinmayee Parikh. A questionnaire was prepared, and I analysed her personality on the basis of her answers. ‘Waking up in snow’ is based on her Har-ki-dun trek which depicted her lover for travel, adventure, her friendly nature the best.

EX.2- Crafting my Journey Crafting my journey focused on the journey of our previous studio using a traditional narrative craft as a tool. My previous studio was Reclaiming history. I chose Kalighat paintings to depict my journey. In this exercise I also learnt emulation is the best way of learning, hence to get a hands on experience I emulated an occidental Kalighat painting. Kalighat paintings were made by the patua community, the paintings depict gods and daily lifestyle of people.

The final narrative shows my journey started with not getting selected in the studio of my preference, then getting appreciated in the beginning for my software skills, but then my mid semester going bad, I struggled with my work in the second half but also taught myself many a things which enhanced my researching skills, then ended with the winter exhibition.

EX.3- Narrative Maps Gundiyali is a village located in Kutch, Gujarat. We visited the village for 5 days and interviewed and bonded with the crafts people there. The most fascinating thing for me was if you stand at a place, one can observes atleast 4-5 different kinds of doors, also all the families place their products either broken or not on the parapet walls for various reasons.

The family assigned to me was the family of Alimamad Daud Kumbhar. The family consists of Ali Bhai, his wife, Sherbanu Ben, and their two, sons- Anwar Daud Kumbhar and Yasar Daud Kumbhar, Anwar bhais wife, Ruksana ben and their son, Imran. The lifestyle of the craftsmen is very different, I observed there is so much happening at all the hours of the day yet there is no chaos and utter silence in the house. Their systematic way of living is commendable.

EX.4- Let’s Play Let us play is an exercise in which a thematic area of gundiyali was framed in the form of a game. This exercise introduced me to a new field and also taught how knowledge can be spread using games, Also the relationship between a user and a design. This exercise strengthened my thematic area of the products as the identities of the families.

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EX.5- Graphic Novel The Graphic Novel talked about an exhibition being set up in Mandvi and how Ali bhai designed new products and three of the best products became close friends after going through hot and cold together, unfortunately one of the product cracks and is kept with the other broken products but then he decides to fulfil the purpose of his birth and goes to talk to all the products in every house and finally reaches the exhibition only to be called the best one due to its cracks.

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