Ananya Bhardwaj



The aim of the studio was to design a house for a family of five people which include a husband and wife(Dhawal and Indu), their two children Sagar and Riddhi, and a grandmother(Pramila). The site is an empty plot of land at Shyamalji Thavar ni Pol located in the old city of Ahmedabad. 
The house is designed keeping in mind the social interactions with the community in the old city and also to bring the family together by creating spaces in close vicinity and providing for many activities to happen together in them.

Report Content

Sketches drawn out to understand the language and feel of the old city of Ahmedabad.

Analyzing the building elements found at Deewanji NI Haveli and figuring out their functioning and materials.

Writing down narrative describing the family to get a better idea of the client and also to draw out adjacency of spaces they require and a better intent.

Sketching a few spaces to better visualize spaces and making conceptual physical models to explore light and volumes created.

The process showing evolving design of majorly the ground and first floors which in turn dictates the layout of all other floors.

Diagrams to study the Ventilation, light and Interaction between spaces which highlights the key intent.

The final design - Ground floor and First floor

The final design - Second floor and Third floor

The final design - upper terrace level and top view

The final design - Sections and Elevations