Patani Pruthviraj Bharatkumar



The “pod hotel” is discovered by Japanese people. The first capsule hotel in the world opened in 1979 and was the Capsule Inn Osaka, located in the Umeda district of Osaka, Japan, and designed by Kisho Kurokawa. Capsule hotels provide cheap, basic overnight accommodation for guests who do not require or who cannot afford larger, more expensive rooms offered by more conventional hotels. The idea of pod hotel is that some people have a rest during various times of day and night.,- for example, during lunchtime, the option to lunch here the take a small time to sleep in a pod. If have some work at a free time on pod have a separate workplace where you can work easily in a private place. Inside the building, there are three types of “sleeping place” which can be rented for a shorter period of time or full-day depends on users' needs and availability. Site is opposite “Jamma mosque”.building made by old Britishers with a brick as old Ahmedabad walled city and columns are modern concrete with carved Islamic patterns with the use of lime plaster. Earlier, building used as old vegetable market located center of old Ahmadabad city.nearby local business area and monuments.also Ahmedabad's old city is now “UNESCO world heritage site”.so here pod hotel is introducing to cater to tourists and local people as a Resting + workplace.

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