Aashna Ritesh Shah


Portable Study Table with Storage

In this studio, she worked on a portable study table for students and working professionals. The table is to be used in a small, limited amount of space, where one doesn’t always have all the furniture. All the furniture is multi-functional. 
The Opportunity 
People use portable study tables on the floor or on the bed. While working, they occupy the whole table with their laptop, notebook and stationary. And after they’re done with the work, they just keep the whole set-up (as it is) beside/under the bed. This makes it look shabby and unorganised. People tend to slouch while using the portable study table on bed, which is bad for the health of the spine. So, there is scope of improvement where the study table provides a way to easily organise things after it’s used and maintain a good posture. 
The Design
The design promotes a good posture by providing cantilever legs, so people can sit cross-legged (Sitting cross-legged is proven to improve posture) The design provides the users with two drawers where they pull the drawers out, and use their laptop, and after they’re done, they just slide the drawer back in and the surfaces are uncluttered again. Increased work surface - The design provides two surfaces that can be used simultaneously.

Report Content

1 - Anthropometry and Activity mapping

2 - Design Brief & Iconic pieces

3 - Iconic Piece & MIniature Model making

4 - Analysis of the Iconic Piece & Opportunity Mapping

5 - Initial Concepts

6 - Concept Refinement

7 - Concept refinement - Cantilever

8 - Detailing

9 - Final concept

10 - Final concept