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Chinmayee Parikh


Small spaces for big lives- Terrance typology

I had to design a home for a millennial couple living in Ahmedabad in a terrace home in 45sq. m of area . Olive, the protagonist, a young professional food  stylist, food photographer and a blogger and  her husband, Arjun, an eminent drummer. Both being performers there home was designed such that the spaces act as performing areas and sitting spaces. The colors used in the each area is a prominent color which defines the mood and experience in the space.  The kitchen Island and Sofa cum bed are modular in nature. / Ergonomical study done for tight spaces 

Report Content

Ergonomical study of bedroom

Ergonomical study of bedroom

Site context

Character study and mood board

case study and organisation of space

I think about the spaces i have to design in how they will actually be seen. Hence, my first step is to draw a sketch of the space i am designing. Process -1


Long section

short Sections