Tanmayi Deshmukh


kolkata 2118

2115- Floods hit Kolkata and nearby region destroying majority of land and buildings. 2118- After the floods caused by global warming, people are living and rebuilding shelters by salvaging the left-out resources. Different communities are formed and have started working and finding ways by which they can reuse and recycle materials. The floods have created many small streams and canals. Communities have resided on the sides of canals, on boats, facades of old buildings and shipping containers. The facades of old buildings are being utilised in such a way that it is lined with a membrane-that filter outs air, an exoskeleton and sleeping pods for people who choose to live closer to nature. People have started saving resources like water, wood, metal sheets, textile waste, plastic, beverage containers to use them for interior as well as exterior elements. Technology will help them to find an alternative for fuels and building materials. They have started using waste as their raw material.The mode of transport through water is on boats, public transport like trams and taxis that can run on land, water and in some cases, through air. The main goal of the people is to salvage everything they have and survive to rebuild their new world. People are residing in old containers which are on the bridge as well as hanging from the howrah bridge. Sources of food are fishing and farming which are grown on the rooftops of the containers and trying for survival in the destroyed land.

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