Naveli Jain



What is design? What is it to be a designer? These are the questions this unit attempts to answer through exploring the history and the technique of making of familiar objects around us. Learning to see, to train the eye to observe in the abstract, is the central objective of this studio. Students will be guided through important experiences to heighten their ability of observation and representation. Drawing, reading and writing will be pursued vigorously to explore the fascinating and versatile nuances of the ‘things’ that humanity has constantly been improving through millennia. Successful completion of this unit will enable the student to tackle design problems with clarity of intent, a radical hand and a curious eye. Importantly, they become purposeful contributors to the world of design.

Report Content

Observe & represent object Visually

Ex 2 - Represent object in relation to each other Ex 3- Observe & represent your neighbourhood visually Ex 4 - Study miniature painting & represent Cept campus

Ex 5 - Read a text & visualize a story Ex 6 - Visually represent an art form or skill spatially

Ex 8 (a)- Learning about building elements & their application in Design.

Ex 7 - Express design qualities visually Ex 8 (b) - Application of design elements in design

Final Excercise

Final Design Excercise