Nikita Nath


Basera- A Traveler's Home in Udaipur

The project is to design a traveler's home for millenials in Udaipur. Behind every door, lies an unknown, and this element of surprise drives one to walk through a mere frame, seeping into a different space. The traveler experiences different visual frames which draws them inside, where they can experience the essence of Udaipur through low seating on the edge of the ghat. The raw jute, lime and stone textures make them one with the home, the ghat and the city of lakes.

Report Content

Impression Poster- Doors of Udaipur

Design Process

Ground Floor Plan, Scale- 1:20

First Floor Plan, Scale- 1:20

Design Drawings

Material Pallette

Relation of Model with Site

Interior View-2

Interior View-1

Interior View-3