Uttara Gupta


Onella : the Traveller's Home

The little villa at the ghat of the ravishing Lake Pichola draws its inspiration from the signature mystic Jharokhas of Udaipur. The exaggerated proportion of Jharokhas in the reading room,the heart of the home, is an enthralling experience of sunlight with cool breeze filtering from louvers. Experience the levels like tones in a melody, as it brings to the guests, the essence of the city of Udaipur through its amalgamation of raw lime textures, ornate ceramic floors and rich dark wood furniture with finest jute weave. 

Report Content

Plan at LVL -600mm

Plan at LVL +1600mm

Roof Plan

Longitudinal Section of Built Form

Cross Section of Built Form

Models (Interior spaces, Exterior form)

Jharokhas of Udaipur :an inspiration of concepts of Built Form of Onella

Process of Designing of Onella

Material Palette of Onella Interiors