Ruchi Bhardwaj


I N A R A : The Ray of Light

This travelers home designed with the occupancy of four people welcomes travel enthusiasts who want a break from their regular life and would enjoy interacting with new people. Having studied the courtyards of Goa as a spatial element its characteristics were used as a tool to develop the design. Intangibles of the courtyard such as The subtractive nature, feeling of surprise, and play of light were explored to achieve an interactive environment.  The organisation of the spaces has been done in an informal way which would lead to default interaction amongst the travelers. The movement across the house is guided through light and shadow which ends up creating a feeling of surprise. The semi-public and public spaces in the house highlight its extrovert character.
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Report Content

Element Study, Character Sketch, Intent and Program

Design Process and Conceptualization

Ground Floor Plan Showing the Courtyard Cafe and Section AA' Highlighting Both the Courtyards

Lower Level Plan and Section BB' Consisting Sleeping Area

Upper Level Plan Showing Recreational and Dining space and Section CC' Highlighting Courtyard Cafe and the Sunken Seating

Part Sectional Perspective of the Entry foyer and the Courtyard Cafe

3D Interior Views Emphasising Play of Light and Interaction

Project Video