Mansuri Khadija Ilyas



The aim of the studio was to create a traveller's home in the golden city of jaisalmer, the site was situated in the fort besides a canon point giving a panoramic view of the whole city, to the people living in the house. The attributes of a Jharokha helped to create the overall space more expressive for the travellers. The design intervention gives a shaded pause to any visitor and creates a buffer between the inner core and public, with a possibility of intentional visual connection. And also creates a extension of the canon point.

Report Content

Process, Strategical diagrams and the program.

The ground floor plan showing an entirely private space for the travelers, made by an envelop of the retaining walls.

The first floor plan showing the public gathering space acting as an extension of the canon point and therefore, acts as a more interactive floor between the public and the private spaces.

Section AA' showing the one of the adjacent sides from the courtyard.

Section CC' portraying the inside activities of all the spaces.

The section BB' showing the public gathering space and its relation with the outside and the inside.

The section DD' showing the elevation of the facade.

View of the Arcade

View of the public gathering near the canon point