Raval Vedangi Ravindra


Decades of duplication

The project started by selecting an informal sector. A detailed research was done on that selected sector (Keymakers), The keymakers in different areas of Ahmedabad, have been mapped in a map and maps also contains information about keymakers. Moving forward one keymaker (Mehboob bhai) was selected and according to his future business expansion plans which is based on narrative, the designs were created. which is design 1 (kiosk), Design 2 (shop), Design 3 (showroom).

Report Content

Map 1: The keymaker of Ahmedabad from different areas have been mapped and it also contains information about keymakers.

Map 2

Map 3: Along with information about keymakers, It also contains the history of keymaking with timeline.

Introduction: It contains Narrative, Business plan, Case study and also brief information about design 1,2 and 3.

Design-1: It started by analysing the current workspace of keymaker and design a kiosk as the keymaker sits on street. The different kiosks are designed and as they are dismantleable the process of dismantling each kiosk is shown step by step.

Design-2 and Design-3: It contains process, reasoning behind selected sites, site models and design 2 final design and its reasoning.

Design 3-5x (Showroom): The design has section display which showcases the security system needed in residential, industrial, outdoor and institutional spaces.

Design 3 refined after some process after critical review.